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Mindset changes take time. Changing the shape of your body takes time. The most important thing is to just START. Perfection is not what we are after here. Small changes, consistency and learning from your mistakes will all lead to more positive outcomes. The greatest progression occurs when we learn to forget about trying to be perfect - make mistakes - learn from them - then move on. Being healthy is about finding balance - not deprivation. It's time to finally push past that wall that has been holding you back - change your story, change your life, change your mindset. Are you ready??


Mel is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Specialist Coach, Nutritionist (general population and Sports nutrition), Health & Wellness Coach/Nutritional Counsellor and Human Movement Specialist. Specialising in high end, fully customised programming for the general population. With a background in Psychology, empowerment through education and awareness is paramount in all programming. 


Our Services

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One on one personal training in the gym, park or your own home. Group personal training also available. 

Option of full online personal training or a mix of online & in person training - tailor to suit your life!

Nutrition advice including full meal plan design or adjustments to your current diet. Tailored to suit your own individual needs - weight loss, weight gain, sports performance or just general health

Specialist coaching for pre & post natal women

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