A little bit about me......

I am a mother of three gorgeous kids and a wife to one spunky husband. My fitness journey actually started quite late in life. I was once a notorious yo-yo dieter and was always signing up to some new workout challenge. After the birth of my last baby, I was determined to lose the weight fast! I signed up to an 8 week challenge that basically involved working myself into the ground on very little calories. Of course the weight fell off but at the same time I was starving, cranky, tired and worst of all - I screwed up my hormones so badly that my period completely stopped. After a few months I realised I couldn't keep going and gradually began eating "normal foods" again. Of course over the next six months I managed to gain back all of the weight and then some!!

Fast forward a year and something finally snapped. I decided to join my local gym and got myself a personal trainer. I gradually gained confidence in the gym, in the weights room and not only lost 20kg in 6 months, but gained so much strength. My newfound passion for fitness was ignited. I knew that I needed to help others who are in the same vicious cycle that I was in for so long. I educated myself on counting macros and nutrition, watched hundreds of hours of exercise form videos online and then finally became a registered Personal Trainer, Accredited Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Human Movement Specialist and Pre & Post Natal Specialist Coach. My goal is to empower people - to not only educate and teach but to use my psychology background (yep, I studied that too!) to really delve into the why. Your past does not define your future. You CAN change your story and it's never too late to start!

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What RISE is all about......

RISE is not about quick fixes. It is not about fad diets, working yourself to exhaustion, intense cardio sessions (unless you like that kind of thing!) or empty promises. RISE is about educating our clients to be able to make stronger, better and healthier decisions that will not only affect you physically but also emotionally. More often than not, it is the mental battle that keeps us from achieving our goals - the constant internal dialogue that fights you every step of the way - whether your nemesis is food or exercise..... I will not only help you to achieve your physical goals but I will also help you to really understand why things are the way that they are and what has been holding you back. Your past does NOT define your future. We will look at what has gone wrong before and we will learn from our mistakes. I will invest a great deal of time into helping you achieve your goals in a healthy, realistic and long term way. I WILL hold you accountable and I WILL pull you up on it if you start to slack off. I get it, life doesn't stop just because you have a new goal. I will teach you ways to overcome external pressures. I do not believe in restricting food, I do not believe in restricting whole food groups unless for a medical/cultural reason, and I certainly do not believe in limiting calories to the point of starvation. Together, we can work towards your goals that will lead to lifelong results. 

My Qualifications

Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer

Pre & Post Natal Specialist Coach

Nutritionist - General Population & Sports Nutrition

Nutritional Counsellor

Human Movement Specialist 

Strength Coach

Bachelor Behavioural Science/Bachelor Criminology & Criminal Justice