What Is Macro Coaching?

Counting Macros is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. It can show you what the right balance of food looks like for health and performance and can also serve as a fantastic way to change your eating habits and shift your mindset to create sustainable changes. It is very non-restrictive and perfect for those who like to socialise etc. Macro calculators may work for some but our bodies are so different to each other - it is impossible that a simple algorithm from a calculator can give you the perfect plan. That's where a Macro Coach comes in! A coach will evaluate and adjust your macros according to the biofeedback from your body - to make sure that you reach your goals while still staying safe.

What Is A Macro?

Macronutrients are the foundation of all food sources in that every single food and beverage is made up of one or a combination of the four macronutrients. Macronutrients are organic compounds found in nature that are required in large portions to sustain vital process of the human body, such as energy provision to maintain body functions (e.g. digestion of food and breathing) and to carry out daily activities (e.g. working and exercising). There are Four macronutrients.





Micronutrients will also be taken into consideration for clients who chose a more comprehensive nutrition package option. Micronutrients refer to elements (vitamins and minerals) required in trace amounts (very small amounts) which permit the body to yield enzymes, hormones and other substances required for normal growth and development. Even though micronutrients are only required in small amounts, a depletion in any micronutrient can have devastating effects on the functioning of the human body.

Is Macro Coaching Right For Me?

Macro Coaching is ideal for those clients who are:

  • Members of the general population who have body composition goals

  • Clients who want safe and effective weight loss or weight gain

  • Athletes who need to change their body composition

  • Dedicated to tracking all food and beverage consumption

  • Like to be very dedicated, goal orientated and exact 

  • Clients who do NOT want to eliminate any foods or food groups from their diet

  • Clients who still want a social life while achieving their goals 

Macro coaching may not be the right fit for some clients. Those who may have past eating disorders may be "triggered" by counting macros (however the opposite can be the case for some!). Clients who do not have the ability, time or dedication to weigh and track all of their food will not enjoy counting macros. Counting macros can be time consuming and there is a steep learning curve involved, however once you have the hang of it - it can be the most amazing and effective way to hit your body composition goals! I will help you to learn how to track your food (including how to use food tracking Apps such as My Fitness Pal or My Macros+, how to weigh your food and how to live your best life while achieving your goals.